Shrimp Health Laboratory and Water Analyst - Riau

Senin, 12 Februari 2024 00:00 WIB

Job Description : 

  • Provide and Improved SOP operational laboratories in the fields.
  • Collaboration with laboratory analysts to manage laboratories in the pond sites and validate WQ results.
  • Provide a database of shrimp diseases (body symptoms, hepato and guts) and water dynamic insight correlate with treatment.
  • Provide water quality and shrimp health weekly reports with deep analysts.  
  • Collaboration with cultivation data analysts to maintain and validate WQ data quality and build cultivation modeling.

Job Requirement 

  • Aquaculture Bachelor’s degree or equivalent 
  • 2+ years of experience in a shrimp laboratory (Bonus: PCR analyst)
  • Have strong knowledge related to shrimp disease
  • Have good communication and ability to drive collaboration between different stakeholders internal team.
  • Have high mobility and are willing to stay in the pond site